Turn the heat up with our hardwood!

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Flamin Firewood Fellas operate in the Port Stephens area, providing firewood to keep you cosy during cold nights.
Hardwood — Sustainable Firewood in Medowie, NSW
All of our raw materials are sourced from a sustainably managed forest, ensuring habitat trees and a sufficient diversity remains once harvesting is complete.

Not only do we supply premium grade firewood, but we also provide strainer posts and kindling. Our products are delivered straight from sustainable forests, so you can be sure that you are getting natural woods that have not been treated with chemicals.

We understand that firewood can be one of those things that is easily forgotten about until you desperately need it. For that reason we are open 6 days a week and we also have a delivery service.

Are you having a special event and you need extra firewood? Maybe you just prefer to heat your home with fire rather than gas. Whatever you need firewood for, whether it be an open fire, slow combustion fire, drum fire, potbelly stove, pizza oven, barbecue or for camping, Flamin Firewood Fellas can assist you.